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After a year, we have it here, it is already with us again, with its warmth, long days and good evenings at night. Of course, it's about the Summer, that time of the year, which increases the sleepiness, the tertúlia terrace and garden, social relationships are increased, but also, where the nights, sometimes they become unbearable by the embarrassment, but we go, that for some bad nights it is worth to enjoy the pool, beach or mountain in these days of heat.
Summer must be enjoyed, of course, because they say, for that we have been working as an ant for a whole year, and now it's time to be a cicada. Yes, cicada but foresight and prudent, today plays a little bit of a sermon.In our summer getaways, night gatherings and other summer events, we know, we should not abuse alcohol, and especially if we take the car, the bike, the helmet always on. The speed, well no, that's why we are in summer and we have time, a long time, because as the DGT says: "we want you to come back".
In the pools and beaches, well the same, be careful, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, a lot of creampie, if you put it then better than better. Prudence in the bathrooms and maximum alert with the kids, that the water is very healthy, but ... prudently. Uffff, how heavy that Prudence, but it is true, as we relax in this summer, because we tend to neglect ourselves in every way and that can not be.
The veranito arrived, and the barbecues arrived, espetada, the gazpachito, and the gazpachito, authentic elixir of kings, precious treasure from the orchard, look what is good. I was going to give you some summer recipes, but that month I'll leave it to my great friend and columnist of Corto Alvaro Fernandez, who for that is a culinary professional.
Nothing, I do not pull more to the respectable one, and the truth, that with this warmth, there is little desire to write, and less to read me.
I leave you, until next month, holiday month par excellence. What was said, that Summer came, to enjoy it.
El corto de loja, PublicidadEl corto de loja, Publicidad


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